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Welcome to the new wave in Korean Martial Arts.

Just as the sun rising over the horizon denotes the coming of a new day. So it is with the martial arts of "The Land Of Morning Calm". Inevitably, as the new rays of light pierce through and take over the darkness that once preceded in the night, so the "rays of modern-progressive-knowledge" will enlighten those with an open mind, and a hungry heart. Such is the martial art of:

De Alba System - Modern Farang Mu Sul®

The dawn of a new era has arrived. Finally, true balanced and comprehensive training is available. Not merely in words, but in actions.


Using over 40 years of Martial Arts experience, this art was developed by Grand Master Michael De Alba. Although his focus has been in Korean systems, this art reflects numerous influences from a wide variety of styles in Grand Master De Alba's background. This system was developed to achieve two main purposes:

It has evolved into what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive, progressive, and effective Martial Arts that exists today.

We are not implying that this system it is the end all, be all –

It will always be the individual that makes the art, not the other way around.

This philosophy is placed into action by both taking an honest evaluation of the martial arts, in regards to what is functional in and pertinent to today’s world and by honestly, freely expressing ourselves in the sense of being a True Warrior and all that this entails. This philosophy can and must co-exist within the framework of gritty "Traditional Principles" and Modern Training as well as Progressive Thinking. Without loosing sight of where we came from, we owe it to ourselves as well as our predecessors to move forward to the NEXT LEVEL.

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*** Latest FMS News ***

The World KIDO Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association Summit Seminars were a tremendous success! We are honored to have had the opportunity to take part in such an amazing and prestigious international Korean Martial Arts event. Our gratitude to Grand Master In Sun Seo for his exemplary leadership and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge. Kudos to Master Steve Seo, Master Scott Seo and Master Sarah Seo on coordinating an historic gathering. Congratulations to all who received promotions, especially, GM James McMurray, GM Mounir Ghrawl, GM Kambiz Moghaddam and GM Billy Burchett on their promotion to 9th Dan. Huge congratulations to all! Looking forward to many more great things together. FARANG!!!

Fore more information on the World KIDO Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association
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Modern Farang Mu Sul®
Grand Master Michael De Alba
New Youtube Video Clips

#01- FMS Open Seminar - Portugal 2008 - C01
#02- Mixed Weapon Skills - C02
#03- FMS Jang Gum Sul - Sword Fighting Skills
- C03
#04- FMS Jok Sul - Kicking Skills - C04
#05- FMS Open Seminar w/ Master Pinto - Hollister, Ca - July 2009
- C05
#06- FMS Hapkiyusul - Combative Grapping - C06
#07- FMS Hoshin Sul - Self Defense Skills
- C07
#08- FMS Hyungs - Empty Hand and Weapons Forms - C08
#09- FMS Weapons CQC - Tiger Claw, Knife, Middle Stick - C09
#10- FMS Open Seminar - Portugal 2009 - C10
#11- FMS Open Seminar - Portugal 2010 - C11
#12- FMS Open Seminar w/ Master Pinto - Puerto Rico 2010 - C12
#13- FMS MMA Seminar w/ Master Vega & Master Pinto - Puerto Rico 2010 - C13
#14- FMS Sword Seminar - Puerto Rico 2010 - C14

Now Available:


and special FMS - Jang Gum Sul

authentic Korean Sword Program

Available to the General Public:

Farang Jang Gum Sul - The Art of Sword Fighting - Vol.1

Level 4 - Jang Gum Sul Fundamentals - DVD & Illustrated Manual

Also available for FMS-Jang Gum Sul Program Students:

Farang Jang Gum Sul - The Art of Sword Fighting - Vol.2

Level 3 - Jang Gum Sul Intermediate Skills - DVD & Illustrated Manual

Farang Jang Gum Sul - The Art of Sword Fighting - Vol.3

Level 2 - Jang Gum Sul Advanced Skills - DVD & Illustrated Manual

Farang Jang Gum Sul - The Art of Sword Fighting - Vol.4

Level 1 - Jang Gum Sul Advanced Skills - DVD & Illustrated Manual

Latest FMS Training Aids

New DVD's

ALSO Available:

ALSO Available:

Vols. 1 & 2

Check out Fighting Staff video preview clips #1 & #2


Check out Double Knife Fighting video preview clips #1 & #2

A MUST for all serious martial artists.

Learn these GREAT Korean Weapons skills.

Beat the rush. Only $50.00 / each + s/h

Order now while supplies last. Call 415-661-9657

Information on Modern Farang Mu Sul®

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So, What does Modern Farang Mu Sul® translate to mean?

Modern Farang Mu Sul®

Modern - Progressive, Cutting Edge, Up to date
Farang - Elite Ancient Korean Warrior Group
Mu Sul - Fighting Art, Martial Art


English: The Fighting Art Of The Modern Warrior
Spanish: El Arte Combativa Del Guerrero Moderno
German: Die Kämpf Kunst Des Modernen Kriegers
Português: A Arte de Combate do Guerreiro Moderno
Polish: Sztuka Walki Wspolczesnego Wojownika
Italian: L'Arte Del Combattimento Del Guerriero Moderno
French: L'Art Battant Du Guerrier Moderne
Dutch: De Vechtende Kunst Van De Moderne Strijder
Japanese: Kokon Musha Bujutsu

We are currently accepting applications for Certified Representatives of Modern Farang Mu Sul®. Be the first in your area to learn and teach this awesome Martial Art. Become a part of one of the fastest growing organizations, that is dedicated to supporting your success. Contact us ASAP, and get started TODAY!


I.D.S.C. - Modern Farang Mu Sul® International is a proud member in good standing with the following organizations: World KIDO Federation / World Hanminjok Hapkido Asso, NKMAA - National Korean Martial Arts Asso., WHFSC - World Head of Family Sokeship Council, ATAMA - American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts, MACS - Martial Arts Collective Society, WMAA - World Martial Arts Alliance, and the IKMAF - International Korean Martial Arts Federation.

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Home, News, Philosophy, Rank, Articles, FAQ's, Events, Biography, I.D.S.C., Store-FMS Products, Images, Links, Video Clips, FMS Programs, Long Distance Training, Official FMS Black Belts, Warrior Quest Championship

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